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About Other Languages in the Collections:

Garshuni is Arabic written in Syriac letters; Malayalam is a Classical Indian language spoken predominantly in Kerala and adjacent parts of south-west India; Tamil is also a Classical Indian language, and is spoken is south eastern India and Sri Lanka; Pahlavi, Middle Persian, was the language of the Sassanian empire (3rd – 7th centuries A.D.); Uighur, Old Turkic, was used by the Mongols.

One example of Uighur is found in the Harrak Collection (AE.02.01). This is the only known example of a Uighur inscription in Iraq and relates to a donation given to the Monastery of Mār Behnam by a Mongol Khan ca. 1300 A.D.

AE.02.01: http://www.epigraphy.ca/ep-detail.aspx?id=15&collection=harrak