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Near and Middle Eastern Civilizations

The Association to Preserve the Saint Thomas Christian Heritage (APSTCH)/Perczel Collection

The APSTCH/Perczel Collection of Syriac, Malayalam, and Tamil inscriptions consists of epigraphic texts from Kerala, India. 

These inscriptions date from the 15th - 20th century A.D.

The collection comprises of current digital photographs. 

A number of inscriptions from this collection are previously unpublished.





On the Images

The CCED offers two sets of images for each inscription: the first, an untouched digital reproduction of the original photographic record; the second, an enhanced or modified reproduction with angles straightened and contrast sharpened.

A letter-samples option is also offered where select letters are isolated for further study.


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Textual Conventions

[…] Small portion of uncertain length missing

[… …] Long portion of uncertain length missing

{ } Enclosed portion partially missing from the original

! Unusual word in the original 

? Questionable word in the original

√ Root of a word

xxxx/____ Illegible small portion in the original

xxxxxx/______Illegible long portion in the original

< > Enclosed portion is a correction of the original

////////////// Effaced word or words in the original


The full updated bibliography for the APSTCH/Perczel Collection can be found below