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Near and Middle Eastern Civilizations


The Harrak Collection

The Harrak Collection of Iraqi Syriac and Garshuni inscriptions is the largest collection of its type in the world. These inscriptions date from the 7th – 20th century A.D.

The collection comprises of analog and digital photographs taken between the 1930’s to 2010.


On the Images

The CCED offers two sets of images for each inscription: the first, an untouched digital reproduction of the original photographic record; the second, an enhanced or modified reproduction with angles straightened and contrast sharpened.

A letter-samples option is also offered where select letters are isolated for further study.


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Textual Conventions

[…] Small portion of uncertain length missing

[… …] Long portion of uncertain length missing

{ } Enclosed portion partially missing from the original

! Unusual word in the original 

? Questionable word in the original

√ Root of a word

xxxx/____ Illegible small portion in the original

xxxxxx/______Illegible long portion in the original

< > Enclosed portion is a correction of the original

////////////// Effaced word or words in the original


The full updated bibliography for the Harrak Collection can be found below