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AE.01.46: Syriac Catholic Monastery of Mār Behnam

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Title    AE.01.46

Original Image

Region    Nineveh

Place    Al-Ḵidr

Location   Syriac Catholic Monastery of Mār Behnam: the church, vaulting of the northern shrine - the shrine of the Virgin Mary.

Material    Moulded plaster

Dimensions     unknown

Language    Syriac, Arabic

Script    Estrangela

Date    Possibly 13th century on the basis of similar works; see: Fiey 1965 – 1968, vol. II, p. 606.

Collection    Harrak

References     Harrak 2010, pp. 344-345



(1)     In the name of the Living and Holy God:
(2)  Because of this, the Lord built for Himself
(3)   a house on earth. Let the one who wants
(4)      to behold the Lord come to his House.