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Original Image
Region: Al-Hasakah
Place: Qasrōk
Location: Mōr Šemʿūn d'Zayte Syrian Orthodox Church
Sub-Location: Church yard
Previous Location: Field, north of the village
Material: Basalt
Dimensions: 0.88m x 0.56m
Language: Syriac
Script: Modified Estrangela
Date: 949
Collection: Talay
References: Talay 2003, pp. 93-95

Historical Supplement

Qasrōk, Syria


  1. The priest wrote:
  2. Huwaydā, daughter of
  3. Šalmay, may our Lord give rest
  4. to her soul in paradise, together with
  5. Habbībā
  6. the sinner.
  7. She died in the year three hundred
  8. and twenty-seven
  9. of Hijra. Wrote
  10. Ḥabbo the sinner.