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Near and Middle Eastern Civilizations


Original Image
Region: Nineveh
Place: Jabal Alqōš
Location: Chaldean Monastery of Our Lady of Seeds
Sub-Location: Monastery museum
Previous Location: Originally in the monastery church of the Novice.
Material: Stone
Dimensions: 0.65m x 0.50m
Language: Syriac
Script: Estrangela vocalized
Date: 1908
Collection: Harrak
References: Harrak 2010, p.524; Ḥaddād 1977, p. 245

Historical Supplement

Period: Ottoman
Ottoman Ruler: Abdülhamid II
Patriarch: Yawsep ‛Ammānū’ēl II Toma
Pope: Pius X


(1-3) In the year 1908 of our Lord, this church was erected in honour of the
most glorious among the holy ones, (4-7) Mār Anthony the Great, Head of our
community. May his prayer protect our congregation and all the children of the church, Amen.






Mīm: line 2, letter 6 ligatured
Nūn and Ṭēṯ: line 4, letters 5-6
Semkaṯ: line 5, letter 3
Hē: line 7, letter 5 ligatured
ʾĀlap̄: line 7, letter 11